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Our Mission

To Promote the Highest Professional Standards of Oncology Nursing in the Greater Los Angeles area. To study, research, and exchange information, experiences, and ideas, leading to improved oncology nursing and to promote understanding of the specialty of oncology nursing.

AOCN (AOCNS/AOCNP) and OCN of the Year for GLA-ONS 2016

Please Consider Submitting a Nomination for AOCN (AOCNS/AOCNP) and OCN of the Year for GLA-ONS.  The Application is quick and you get to feel good nominating one of our amazing nurses for recognition.  As a past winner, I can tell you that recognition from GLA-ONS (my real peers in the oncology care world) was a career defining moment.


AOCN (AOCNS/AOCNP) of the Year


OCN of the Year


The 2016 incoming GLAONS Board 

President: Linda Ginsburg

President-Elect: Melissa Scalia

Program Co-Chairs: Pamela Giesie and Carolina Uranga

Membership Co-Chairs: Cynthia Dasaad and Ingrid Blose

Treasurer: Yvette Federizo

Secretary: Janine Bouck

Research Liaison: Michelle Johann

Government Liaison: Sylvia Estrada

Nominating Co-Chairs: Robin Herman and Marie Seitz

GLA-ONS is over 700 Members Strong!

With the new membership model GLA-ONS is over 700 members!  We encourage those that have never been local members in the past to join us for our monthly local meetings.  If you wish to be added to our monthly invite list send your name and email address to

Thank you to all members that keep our chapter extraordinary!

GLA-ONS No-Show Policy for Meetings

If you have RSVP'd to a meeting, and find you cannot attend:

1. If it is >24 hours ahead of the meeting: Please change your RSVP in the Punchbowl System

2. If it is within 24 hours of the meeting, or you got a flat tire, developed an illness, or had some other last minute event, please contact either the Program Chair or the President/President Elect (this can be after the meeting if it was a truly "last minute" event). We would recommend Email so that we can get members off our waiting list into meetings. We will post information on who/how to contact us on the website ( If you are a no-show, (meaning you have RSVP'd yes, but then you DID NOT attend the meeting without contacting the board as above) the first time you will receive a reminder via Email.

If, in the next 12 months, you miss a SECOND meeting you will be issued a no-show fee for $25 payable prior to attending further meetings. This money will be collected at the next meeting you attend by using the square.

Again, this policy is purposely meant to address the individuals who have repeatedly not shown up after RSVP'ing Yes. It is not meant as a punishment for last minute issues (who hasn't had a code on their floor/office on their way out the door to a meeting?), it is meant to reinforce professional and courteous behavior to your fellow members. We have a large waiting list for most meetings, and we want to ensure members who wish to attend are not prevented when we have a 10-20% no-show rate.